Venice. The end of the road

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Venice. The end of the road

Posted from Venice, Veneto, Italy.

I had always meant Venice to be the end of the road for my odyssey, the last, and possibly greatest, of Italy’s island archipelagos. It occupies such an extraordinary position in history past and present, it’s difficult to think of it as an island at all. In fact even unitary Venice is built on several islands, and its cultural hegemony embraces over 100. But there’s a unique conceptual unity to it that sets it apart. Venice is as much a place of legend and imagination and as it is of fact and history, Looking at it from across the lagoon, at its cupolas, domes, towers, palazzi and houses, set flat along the sky line, it seems preposterous that it exists at all. It’s imaginary, a fantasy, something lifted from an antique fable. Autumn in Venice, days of mists and mellowness, of golden sunshine and the soft dying of summer, it just seemed the proper place to end my summers in the Italian islands.

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  1. Thank you Matthew Fort, for saying what Venice is. I have been trying to put it into words for years

  2. Thanks to you Matthew Fort. I think you’ve nailed it. But will have to go again to check you are right.

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