Torcello. Locanda Cipriani

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Torcello. Locanda Cipriani

Posted from Venice, Veneto, Italy.

Ernest Hemingway spent some months here in 1948 writing Across the Water and into the Trees on Torcello. It’s a good place to write because there aren’t many distractions, but on such a day as the one Lois nd my Australian friend, Rory, went there, filled with cheer and excitement, when the sun shone and all was very right with the world, it was the only place to be. A path led alongside narrow canal, past a number of eateries to the Locanda Cipriani and its gardens, generally acknowledged to be one of the prettiest, of not the prettiest, place to eat in the whole Venetian lagoon.

So the sun shone. The flower beds were awash with colour. The table cloth was crisp with starch and as brilliant as snow. The glasses and cutlery glittered. Waiters dressed in traditional white jackets and black ties moved easily back and forth in that ordered choreography that I find is as delightful to watch as it is to be served by. We were cosseted. We were flattered. We were managed with faultless professional charm. A bottle of Prosecco, please. Brut, sir. Not so dry, please. Extra dry is better. And it was. And so was the Pinot Bianco that he chose when I suggested Pinot Grigio, and cheaper. And so was the gnocchi with scampi and chanterelles and the John Dory with tomatoes and capers and so was the pancake filled with sweetened ricotta flamed in Cointreau – my darling, so old fashioned.

It wasn’t great food, but it was pretty decent. The flavours were genial and generous. Lois scoffed tagliatelle with gorgonzola and prosciutto and then turbot with funghi porcini. Rory set about fish soup and then monk fish and then apple and custard tart. We had a second bottle of the Pinot Bianco. we had grappas. We had coffee. We had fun. There was an aura of sublimity about it all. It was a time and place for chat, happy reminiscence, story telling, laughter and deep pleasure in life.

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