The Last Post

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The Last Post

Posted from Uley, England, United Kingdom.

I sat on the Ponte Avgoraria, at the head of the calle leading to the flat I had rented. My journey was done. It’s been an extraordinary odyssey, rich in people, places, experience and food, beyond anything I could have imagined. How lucky I had been, I thought.

For six months I had lived without a care in the world, except, perhaps, where my next meal was to come from, where I was to lay my head. It made me realise just how my life was dominated by humdrum realities, regimented by dates and diaries, dominated by responsibilities. How refreshing it had been to escape from all of that, how lucky I had been.

I had missed the familiarity of home, the comfort of family and friends. The leaves of woods on the hills that ranged either side of the valley in which I lived, would be turning, yellow, brown, gold, withering around their edges, falling. The fields would be shrouded in mist in the early mornings. It was the time of apples and pears. I wondered if there was anything left in my vegetable beds, whether the tomatoes were still ripening, how my quince tree was faring. Suddenly I longed for a pub, a pint, a packet of pork scratchings, a fire, companionable conversation in my own language. It was time to go home.

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