The ladies at La Pescheria

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While Marco, Nadia and I were waiting around for the sorting process to finish, we fell to chatting with two ladies also looking to snap up supper. Almost inevitably, the conversation turned to recipes.

– Ah, said one take fillets of muggine. Of course scaled. And slices of potato. In a dish put down a layer of potato and then a layer of fish, parsley, a little garlic, and then more potato, another layer of fish, parsley, garlic and so on, until its all gone. A little oil a splash of white wine. Into the oven until it’s cooked. And then – she pursed her lips to express how delicious the dish was.

– How about basil instead of the parsley? suggested Marco.

The two ladies looked horrified. Basil! Absolutely never!! Only parsley.

– But, said the other lady, you could use tomato sugo with the fish and potatoes, and you could put basil into that.

– Yes, conceded the first lady, potatoes, fillets of branzino, potatoes, dried tomatoes, tomato sugo. With basil. And a little Parmesan. And white wine, that’s very good, too.

Buon appetito, they called as we left.