Lost at sea

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Lost at sea

Posted from Naples, Campania, Italy.


Since the effusions of yesterday, I have had something of a set back. I have lost a notebook. This may not rank alongside TE Lawrence leaving the manuscript of the Seven Pillars of Wisdom at Reading Station; Patrick Leigh Fermor leaving a notebook in a country house in Hungary in the course of his monumental walk from London to Istanbul (he retrieved the note book many years later); Isaac Newton having all his calculations and notes of 20 years burnt to a cinder when his dog, Diamond, knocked over a candle (apocryphal, but I like the fellow spirit), Hadley Hemingway losing all her husband, Ernest’s, drafts of short stories and their carbon copies, on a train in Switzerland, or John Stuart Mill’s maid using the manuscript of Thomas Carlyle’s great work The French Revolution, but I feel the loss keenly.

So if anyone should by any remote chance picked up a leather-bound notebook like the one above only bright red either on the good ship Dimonios that left Cagiari at 19.00 hours more or less on 30th June and arrived at 8.30 at Naples on 1st July; or possibly found it on or near the Caremar ticket office at Naples port later on the same day, I would be eternally grateful of you could return it to me at Copper House, 72 The Street, Uley, Glos, GL11 5SJ.