The Last Post

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Posted from Uley, England, United Kingdom. I sat on the Ponte Avgoraria, at the head of the calle leading to the flat I had rented. My journey was done. It’s been an extraordinary odyssey, rich in people, places, experience and … Continued

Torcello. Locanda Cipriani

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Posted from Venice, Veneto, Italy. Ernest Hemingway spent some months here in 1948 writing Across the Water and into the Trees on Torcello. It’s a good place to write because there aren’t many distractions, but on such a day as … Continued

Venice. The end of the road

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Posted from Venice, Veneto, Italy. I had always meant Venice to be the end of the road for my odyssey, the last, and possibly greatest, of Italy’s island archipelagos. It occupies such an extraordinary position in history past and present, … Continued

SS16. Rolling on to Rimini

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Posted from Rimini, Emilia-Romagna, Italy. It’s time to head north to my final destination, Venice. The weather has turned distinctly autumnal. It’s strange to think but a few days ago I had been wandering around in pair of bathing trunks … Continued

San Domino. Eating Lotos

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Posted from Apulia, Italy. I lay on my back in the amethyst water of the Cala Matana on San Domino, looking up at the rim of scraggy sandstone rock just above sea level, at the billowing clouds of Aleppo pines … Continued

San Nicola. Castles in the air

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Posted from Puglia, Italy. The energy, the determination, the will power, the sheer blinding confidence, that’s what struck me. There, on the crest of the second island of the Tremiti, and the archipelago’s nominal administrative centre, is a fortified, castellated, … Continued

San Domino. Holiday Heaven

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Posted from Address not found. Look at San Domino from the sea, and you see this exquisitely irregular lump of sandstone capped with a canopy of brilliant green Aleppo pines. People come here to swim in the crystalline water and … Continued

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