Caper caper

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Posted from Pollara, Sicily, Italy. They don’t look much, capers. Just little buds of green tucked away among fleshy green leaves of a low-growing bushy plant. It seems, now I come to think about, that one of the most distinctive … Continued

The beauty of breakfast

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At the Hotel Belvedere, Lina, Salina. Six jams – cherry, strawberry, mandarin, fig, plum with cinnamon, agrumi di Salina (mixed citrus), blackberry – all home-made. Cake, still warm from the oven. Toast. Freshly made apricot juice. Or peach juice. Or … Continued

‘Oh, come on, Dad’

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Posted from Salina, Kansas, United States. . said Lois when I tld her about the latest exampleof my ineptitude as a traveller on my arrival on Salina. At various times and in various places I have managed to leave behind: … Continued

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