Capering on Capri

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Posted from Anacapri, Campania, Italy. My nephew, George, who lives in Italy, and who knows about these things, advised me on three things about Capri. He said I had to have a Panino Caprese from the Salumeria da Aldo on … Continued

Pottering on Procida

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Posted from Procida, Campania, Italy. It’s happened before, but still does’t seem quite right in the Mediterranean. Rain. I was caught in a torrential downpour as I headed for the little port at Casamicciola to catch the ferry to Procida. … Continued

A Return to the Islands

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Posted from Ischia, Campania, Italy. I nicked the title of this post from the great Arthur Grimble. He was returning to the South Seas (the Solomon & Ellis islands, if memory serves me correctly). My horizons are more modest. For … Continued

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