My first fig of the season

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Posted from San Pantaleo, Sardinia, Italy. It was soft and sweet and fleshy. Bought at the market at San Pantaleo, where there was more linen on display than I knew existed in the world.

In Transit

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Posted from Arzachena, Sardinia, Italy. The sun is warm. The road rises ahead. Into shadow, out of shadow. Cool one moment, warm the next. Suddenly there’s the honied sweetness of a clump of broom, a bit further on the whiff … Continued

Trattoria da Bovere

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Posted from Siniscola, Sardinia, Italy. Unfortunately, it turned out that Il Talismeno was shut that day, but, said a young man inside, try that place and he pointed to the Trattoria da Bovere on the other side of the road. … Continued

The kindness of Lina Casu

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I went to Siniscola in search of the legendary pompia. Pompia is one those numerous citrus mutations you find throughout southern Italy and Sicily. Bergamot is another, and cedro a third. But la pompia is possibly the grandest of all. … Continued

Sic transit …..

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Posted from Olbia, Sardinia, Italy. ‘It’s closed,’ said the lady at the paper kiosk. ‘Closed!.’ I reeled back.’Closed!?!? Forever???!!!” ‘Le Signora, she is very ill,’ said a sympathetic by-stander. I reeled all the same. La Signora is Rita Denza, the … Continued

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