La ballata di un uomo utile

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Dear Marco & Nadia, So my stay at Santadi ended in the same way that it began, with food, wine, music and laughter. The only difference was that I cooked the food this time. I was quietly pleased by the … Continued

Tuna Time

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Posted from Roma, Lazio, Italy. I have made a vital discovery. There are only two ways to eat tuna – completely raw, as in a tartar, or completely cooked, as I ate it at the Osteria della Tonnara in Carloforte. … Continued

All aboard the Nancy Lugger

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As my father used to shout to encourage his family to get into the car to go anywhere. It was an an outing, a voyage, an adventure. The same refrain passes though my head as I line up Nicoletta to … Continued

Signor Tonno

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‘There are plenty of tuna,’ said Signor Tonno. ‘Red tuna – you call them blue fin – yellow fin, bonito, palamita. Whatever people say, there are plenty.’ We were sitting on the sea front of Sant’Antioco. Signor Tonno is Fernando … Continued

The ladies at La Pescheria

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While Marco, Nadia and I were waiting around for the sorting process to finish, we fell to chatting with two ladies also looking to snap up supper. Almost inevitably, the conversation turned to recipes. – Ah, said one take fillets … Continued

La Pescheria at Porto Pino

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Posted from Porto Pino, Sardinia, Italy. Suddenly I realised how the whole thing worked. Porto Pino features in guides to Sardinia for its splendid beaches, which stretch for kilometres along the coast. But just behind the beaches are a series … Continued